Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shrine swap gorgeousness

Thank you so much to Efemera who sent me this beautiful shrine. I love it so much because its different to shrines I would make myself. I love the use of printed pages and the china doll arm and the detail in the tiny bracelet. It has great texture contrasts - the background paper, the lace and the delicate little buttons.
Anyway - it spurs me on to get my own shrines finished and get the one for my swapee sent off - I only hope she likes it as much as I like this little treasure.

Ok - more's the back (I love the birdcage)

And a close up on the little 'ruff' which I think is inspired!!

Thanks again Efemera!

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  1. I love your designs and my journey through your blog page was enjoyable. I am going my first give away on mine. A $5 give away and tghe prize is a gift card to Burger King. Thank you for letting me visit.


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