Friday, 29 July 2011

Preserving Passion!

So far this summer holiday I have been focussed on two things: 1 - managing the workmen who are busy replacing our bathroom and 2 - making jams, jellies and marmalades...

Mum and I have had great success in the past, selling marmalade, Jam and lemon curd at the fayres at school, so this year we wanted to get a head start on everything by making our preserves (which, obviously, keep for ages) now. Mum is in charge of strawberry jam, pineapple jam, apple jelly, mint jelly and will also make some of the orange marmalade.

 I spent a very pleasant couple of hours at Blacketyside farm in Fife, picking blackcurrants, redcurrants, raspberries and strawberries, and that, together with some fruit from our garden, sugar from costco, veg from the market and jam jars from the jam jar shop and I was all set to get preserving...

I made onion marmalade, orange marmalade, chilli jam, raspberry jam, blackcurrant jelly and  redcurrant jelly and I'm still planning to make lemon curd nearer to the Christmas fair.
I printed the labels onto sticky labels with my printer then punched them out using Stampin' Up! punches.

So the jam is made - and the bathroom is almost finished..!! I'm now on my way to London for another all day life drawing class with Rachel Clark. Can't wait. I thought I'd try to get into practice by doing a bit of drawing on the way in the train. To go with all of my other drawings of musicians in my music room I decided to do a drawing of the lovely Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17 (well, he's usually lovely but he looks rather sinister in the picture of him I found on the internet to use to copy).
So here's the internet picture...
And here's my version...(now that I see them side by side I can see all the flaws - I will do some more work on it tomorrow night!)

Thanks for looking :-)