Monday, 2 December 2013

Hot Chocolate & Christmas Movies

2nd December on my Kitchen Countdown is a picture and recipe for the most delicious hot chocolate which for me is an important ingredient in Christmas celebrations.

I make my hot chocolate with whole milk and Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate - stirred together and heated the old fashioned way in a pan is best - though I do often resort to the microwave! Add mini marshmallows, top with whipped cream and either a dusting of drinking chocolate or crumbled Flake. Sometimes a candy cane to stir the mixture instead of a spoon is the order of the day, giving a 'pepperminty' flavour to the hot chocolate. I have had all sorts of expensive hot chocolate concoctions - but for me this is still the best.

Watching a Christmas film with the fire on, candles lit and a big mug of creamy hot chocolate is my idea of Christmas heaven. So apart from stocking up on all the ingredients for hot chocolate I thought I'd better audit my Christmas DVD collection. Here are my top 10 Christmassy films... (I have a whole other list of favourite films - but these are specifically the Christmas themed ones)

1. Scrooged
2. Home Alone 1
3. The Grinch (with Jim Carrey - probably the only film I like him in!)
4.  Elf - so bad, it's good!
5.  The Polar Express - I have to have a hot chocolate with this one!
6.  The Snowman/ The Snowman & Snowdog (makes me cry!)
7.  The Muppets Christmas Carol
8.  Miracle on 34th Street (the newer version with Attenborough)
9.  Home Alone 2
10.  It's a Wonderful Life or White Christmas (I'm undecided!!)

I'd love to hear about your favourite 'Christmas' films and your ideas for hot chocolate recipes.

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