Sunday, 6 March 2011

Birthday catch up 4 - Spa One Edinburgh

So for January's birthday experience I spent the day at Spa One at the Sheraton hotel in Edinburgh. I have been before but it never fails to impress - it's probably my favourite Spa even compared to some amazing spas in both this country and abroad.

I arrived around 10 and spent the morning in the thermal suite going between the aroma room, Turkish bath, tropical rainshowers, indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy pools. My favourite part is probably sitting in the outdoor hydrotherapy pool - it doesn't matter what the weather is like it is amazing to sit in that hot bubbling water and look up at the sky.

After a couple of hours I showered, used the body driers and got dressed to go to the restaurant. I had prechosen my lunch which was a 'superfood' Bento box. It was absolutely amazing. Probably the tastiest piece of fish (salmon) I have ever eaten in my life (sorry Goring hotel, Gordon Ramsay etc..) - there was also an amazing bulghar wheat salad, fruit muesli salad, chocolate betroot muffin...ahhh delicious yet healthy!! - I wish I could eat like this every day.

After some time reading and relaxing I was met by Kirsty who then took me to a treatment room where I was salt scrubbed, massaged with oil and hot stones, feet pumiced and covered in paraffin wax, more was sooo wonderful and kirsty was so comforting and reassuring - she even remembered that she had been my therapist last time I was at Spa One.

At 5pm I emerged from a cocoon of white fluffy towels and aromatherapy back into the real world where Jonathan met me to take me home - completely chilled out.

Another great birthday experience and a definite 10/10.

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  1. Sounds blissfully wonderful ! I've stayed at the Sheraton before but never been to the spa.


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