Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today's blog is dedicated to my Mum - though as I'm originally from the North-East of England I call her 'Mam'. Whether you call them Mam, Mum, Mom - mothers are the best! Always there to talk to, give you advice, give you a hug when you need it. Since my Mum is also a crafter I love to spend time with her making things, papercraft, sewing and cooking - she instilled in me my love of making things and I will always thank her for that.
Above is the card I made her (- I'm just loving these coiled up paper roses at the moment). I also gave her flowers, a subscription to 'Simply Homemade' and the birdbox I made for my class at the ATDML retreat...
To any ATDML retreat readers, I haven't forgotten I promised to blog about my birdbox and put the template up - I will get round to it. Though there were some other things people asked me to put on my blog and I can't remember what they were - please leave me a comment and I promise to get round to it.
Will be blogging about my photography day, Tim Holtz day and the ATDML retreat in the next few days.

Anyway - that's it for now - have a great day Mam - and all other 'Mams', 'Mums' and 'Moms'.

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