Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Oh - where do I start - literally!! It's not that I haven't done any crafting - but as the craft room gets worse and worse through the rounds of house tidying which are accompanied by cries of "just shove it on the desk in my craft room~" - it gradually mounts up and the crafting has to be done elsewhere.
Ok - so today's job is to dig down through the layers and find my workspace - that way I can actually get round to the task of doing my January DT work.
I'm also dying to have a play with my Cricut Cake - but that's a whole other workspace.

Later...after a day of tidying...
I've also decided to try and join another blogger on her mission to draw every day - Penny has done some amazing drawings so far - check out her blog. Goodness knows where I'll find the time so I probably won't manage portrait style drawing every day. Good thing about drawing is that I don't need to do it in my craft room which is good since it isn't finished yet!
More tomorrow!


  1. My desk isn't much better! I am going to have a go at making myself some digi stamps by drawing on my ipad - gotta get me a pen first though. I like the zentangle and would like to have a go at that.

  2. I love your resolution to draw every day! I wish I were that brave :)

  3. I love this blogging thing. Sue has just given me another brilliant idea, to use my Kindle Fire as a drawing pad to produce digital stamps for myself. I am also joining you in attempting to draw every day. I am looking forward to seeing what you do this year. xx Maggie #45

  4. That is one heavily used craft desk. :-) I hope you share your drawings.
    April #133

  5. I'm so happy someone else is mad enough to be joining me! How are you doing so far? I managed a portrait a day for the first week but now I'm back at work I may just be lowering the bar.....!


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