Sunday, 23 May 2010

Afternoon tea, sunshine & showers

What a weather day!?! - we've got bright sunshine now but had torrential rain when we were in St Andrews.
So today was 'birthday experience 1 part 2' - afternoon tea at the Old Course in St Andrews. We had a lovely little table by the window overlooking the golf course and duck pond (the ducks were very happy when it rained, the golfers weren't).

Not being a tea drinker I went for hot chocolate but I still loved how Jonathan's tea came in a see through tea-pot with a nylon pyramid tea bag inside.

The three tiers of diet busting loveliness arrived - we had ham & tomato sandwiches, egg sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches on the bottom layer. The middle layer had lovely soft warm scones (Jam and cream on the table to add to them) then the top layer had a selection of delightful cakes: pistachio chocolate brownie, white chocolate and passionfruit layer cake, coffee & chocolate layer cake, Dundee cake, chocolate & raspberry tart and a frangipan slice. MMMmmmmmm - maybe not the quantity of food you get for afternoon tea at Gleneagles but the quality was better and I felt happily full rather than stuffed at the end of it.

As with the concert additional entertainment was provided by those around us - this time a table of American girls who clearly had little idea of how to tackle a traditional afternoon tea correctly, Oh and a waiter who only charged us half the price (we were very honest though and pointed out his mistake). A drive down to the beach finished off our afternoon perfectly and this part of May's birthday experience earns 9.5/10. Not sure how it would get the other half mark - I just want to save my 10/10 score for a later month I think.

Thank you Jonathan...looking forward to June...

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