Saturday, 22 May 2010

Money for nothing?

Ok - so I have to blog about my first birthday 'experience' - I went to see Mark Knopfler in concert at the SECC in Glasgow. So was it money for nothing? Well - not entirely - though it would have been good if he'd played 'Money for nothing' (or 'Walk of life' or...). I know he has a new album out 'Get Lucky' which he wants us all to buy (and I probably will) - but I have to admit to being a little disappointed that he didn't play more of his old / well known stuff. He played 'Sailing to Philadelphia', 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Brothers in Arms' and 'So far away' (which he changed a bit). Apart from that it was stuff I didn't know. That, along with feeling very tightly packed into my seat (I know - mainly my fault!!), all the bars being closed by the time I got out to go and get a drink and the gradually increasing heat made it a concert which I mildly enjoyed rather than one which I loved and raved about afterwards (like I normally do). I have to say the music was amazing - violins, flutes/whistles as well as Mark's guitar. It all had a very celtic feel and suited the (very voiciferous) Glasgow crowd.
The funniest moments of the concert were 1. before it started when the dolled up blonde in front of us said "Ooh it's really busy, is he popular then?" and 2. When a punch up broke out a few rows in front (it looked like someone had gotten up to go to the bar/toilet one too many times) - someone was wrestled out by bouncers and ejected from SECC.
Despite not being very close to the stage - I managed to get one or two fairly decent photos which I can scrap!!

All in all I'm giving experience No.1 6/10

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