Saturday, 22 May 2010

Shrine sneaky peek

I thought I'd give you a sneaky peek of the shrine I'm working on for the Scrap pad shrine swap. Since it's a long way from being finished it won't be too much of a spoiler for my recipient. Also - she won't know which one is hers since I'm making two. I usually do this - make two of whatever I'm doing so that if I go wrong with a technique on one I still have the other as back up. I usually try and make them different though so that my recipient is getting a unique piece. Then if they both turn out ok I'll either keep the spare, RAK it or now that I have a blog, maybe it could be blog candy?I decided to go with the theme of past writers and I have Dickens in one and Robert Browning in another - these are from an old encyclopedia of literature - which I bought from a second had bookshop near Eriska for £4.50. I have used pages from the book to completely cover my foamboard construction.

So what next?...Well that would be telling, but it may involve some of the paint techniques I learned on my online course from Michael de Meng and a fair bit of embellishment. Once my recipient has seen it I will post a finished picture.

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  1. ooh i love it!!! i can't wait to see it finished xx


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