Thursday, 2 September 2010

Chicken soup at the Goring?

Well - I finally got round to doing the Chicken Soup recipe 9 (and hopefully I'm just getting my entry in in the nick of time!?!). It feels a bit 'thrown together' for me, but it is a school night so amazing that I managed to get a LO done at all!

The interior design picture in the recipe inspired me to do a layout about one of the most beautiful interiors I have photographed recently. My eldest brother in law, David, is the Managing Director of the Goring Hotel in London. Whenever I go down to London I try to stay there and am always SO well looked after - it's really a home from home for everyone in the Hewitt family. Last time I went David treated me to a night in one of the Goring's 'silk rooms'. The rooms are so beautiful - the walls, instead of paint or wallpaper, are lined with silk brocade fabric - I stayed in the blue room. All the special rooms also come with sheep (no they're not real). Have a look at the Goring website if you're intrigued by this!

Anyway - I'm so proud of David and the Hotel - The Hotel won a Catey - last year (like an Oscar for the hospitality industry) and David was named Hotel Manager of the Year. So it seemed like a very worthwhile subject to scrap.

I hope you like it...

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  1. Gorgeous Jane, and if he ever feels like treating me to a night there, I don't know - say for my 40th next year!!, let me know!!!


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