Sunday, 29 August 2010

My first award...and a Tricky Trifecta!

As promised I'm back at the weekend. Yesterday was a busy crafting day at the crop, mum and I made just over 60 Christmas tags for the Christmas Fayre in Nov. I haven't taken pictures yet - will post some when I do.
Lastnight I had a go at making some Christmas photo albums - I'm just doing some 6" x 6" covered chipboard pages and cutting down cheap lever arch files to make slightly bigger ring binders. Once they're done I'll take pictures and post them up.

When I finally got round to my computer I was delighted that the lovely Sue had given me this blog award - I now need to choose some people to pass this award on to, so watch this space!

Today I decided to knuckle down to the Design Dollies Trifecta - a bit trickier than usual as the elements part was a recipe which included an additional colour, so the challenge was as follows...
Colours: Navy blue, Ivory and Mint green ...
Elements: Use the colour red, at least three ovals, use 2 patterned papers include a flourish and glitter
The sketch...
I was pretty faithful to the colours and in the end decided that the red in the elements part of the challenge would have to be just a 'pop' of red in my title.
I fulfilled all the parts of the recipe and followed the sketch - though I did turn it upside down!
I'm pleased with the final result...(the blue is actually a lot darker irl)
Glitter is something I never use (except in the form of stickles!) and today I used two of the colours in my Martha Stewart 24 pack of glitter that I bought in Boston last year and haven't used yet!! Here's a close up of my glitter writing...
I'm hoping I'll get a chance to have a go at the 'Chicken Soup' recipe too this weekend, but I also have marking to do, so I may not manage it!


  1. You're right - that was a tricky trifecta, but you nailed it!! I love that little splash of glittery red, just perfect!

  2. Beautiful! Love the glitter, and how you added the ovals in there so subtly! Your cat has a wicked name!

  3. great job on the trifecta! your layout looks great!


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