Saturday, 21 August 2010

Final creative flurry!

Well this last week of the holidays has seen a flurry of creativity, I finally wrote my play and did the artwork for the cover...
I have done all the planners for the year and prepared my display boards at school.
I spent some time with my Mum sewing things for the Christmas fayre.
I did my online class for ATDML - here's a teaser pic - don't want to show you the whole thing until after it's been on the ATDML site...
I managed to do this weeks Chicken Soup blog recipe. This was the inspiration...
And here is my LO...
Actually, Fred's crazy name has been crying out to be scrapped for ages. Don't ask me how we came up with this name, it just sort of developed - but he does suit it!!
And agian I tried my hand at the trifecta over on the Design Dollies blog. This week it was 1. Use royal blue, teal/aqua...
2. Have waves in the LO - there are waves in the pictures (well it's the sea!!) and I used the wavy design.
3. Use the following sketch...
So here's my effort...
So it's back to school on Monday, actually I'm quite looking forward to getting back to it, but I will miss having the time to be creative. I had a really good holiday and can't believe how much I got done (creatively speaking). That said I've still got trousers and a pair of curtains to make, the front door to paint, my Egypt scrapbook to prepare, my class scrapbooks to make...etc.
Anyway I will still try to spend time at the weekends doing a bit of scrapbooking - even if it's just to do the chicken soup recipe and Design dollies trifecta!


  1. WOW what do you do in your spare time lol

    Not sure where to start with comments .... I love the LO's especially the Crail one ...brilliant palate.

    Bet it was fun writting the play ....I once managed a panto script..... love you pencil drawing .... you really are mega talented xx

  2. Love it Jane :)Your cat sounds like a superhero and I love the swirls of colour on your LO xx

  3. Gosh you've been busy (and more importantly, productive!) Love your Dollies trifecta ~ gorgeous work as usual, Jane :)

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! not only the pages, and the artwork for the play, but the CAT! you DID have a productive weekend, girl! love it all, and love that you're hooked on our trifecta fun! thanks for playing with us in the Dollhouse! xo


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