Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Almost too busy to scrap!

So this week I've mainly spent in my classroom, putting up displays, tidying and preparing assessment folders. Sounds dull and why would anyone go into work during their holidays? Well, in a funny kind of way I actually like it and there's great satisfaction to be had from knowing that I'll be totally ready to go when the new school year starts.

However I've been so busy I haven't had much time for scrapping - but I squeezed a quick LO in tonight - it's for this week's challenge on the chicken soup blog (here).

It's inspired by the Glee poster - well I've tweaked it quite a lot but I like that I could put so many photos of Roxy on one page. Probably not my usual standard, but then it was a 'quickie'! Also - it didn't photograph that well in artificial light.
Ok enough excuses...

Off to spend the day crafting with my mum I'm posting on the ATDML blog tomorrow and I'll be doing a lot of thinking about Vicki and Jay's wedding cake which I'm making soon!!


  1. She is adorable!!
    Enjoy the school prep!!

  2. great layout! I also love popping into school in the hols..NEVER get chance to tidy and sort during term time without a million interruptions.

  3. I used to love being in the school on my own! No interruptions and I could get loads done! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and lets see the wedding cake too once its done! :)


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