Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Creativity day 3 - housebuilding

I spent most of today sorting out my new classroom and unpacking my things, but this afternoon I had to get on with finishing my entry for the art journal CJ I'm in. The theme of the book is Fairy tales and I decided to make my entry a pop-up gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel.
This is the Karen Burniston house design that Jane Dean taught at the 'A Trip Down Memory Lane' retreat last November. I covered it in brown cardstock and embellished with lots of stickles and some stripy candy circles that I punched from Christmas paper.
I made my entry like a Brothers Grimm story book and when you open it the house pops up - will take a pic of this once the Stickles have completely dried!!

Managed to get all of my DT work sent off today, my favourite thing was actually an altered jar that I'm using to keep the Go-Cat in (Bengals can easily break into a box of Go-Cat!). Here are a couple of teaser pics of the jar... there'll be a proper pic on the ATDML shop July gallery.

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