Sunday, 4 July 2010

Do something creative everyday

A few years ago when I first discovered the shop 'Paper Source' on Boylston St in Boston, I bought this great little rubber stamp. Like a postmark but inside the circle it says 'Do something creative every day' (edit: see photo above!). I've decided this is going to be my personal goal for my summer holidays. Working full time I don't always get the opportunities for creativity that I'd like and so I want to make every day of the holidays count. Whether it be my design work, scrap-booking, drawing, art journalling, sewing, gardening, cooking, photography, play-writing, home-making, playing my saxophone or even just displays at school.

Some of the projects I want to do over the holidays include...

Making my own trousers (I've bought a pattern!)
Re-planting part of our front garden (already underway!)
Making felt jewellery (wool tops ordered)
Writing a play based on the Song of Hiawatha
Making new curtains for our bedroom
Making 26 'Memories of P7' books ready for my class in the year ahead
Adding to my musician sketches (I'm thinking Mark Knopfler to start with)
Making a holiday scrapbook ready for our Nile Cruise in October
Finish my paper bag book
Start to make things with mum for the Christmas fayre in November

But before I can do all that I have my new classroom to sort & decorate - I'll try to take pictures along the way! That's what I'm off to do this morning

Of course alongside this goal is the challenge to try and blog abut everything I do.

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