Thursday, 8 July 2010

Creativity day 4...

...with a little help from Google and Safmat...
I have finally finished my Fairy Tales Art journal entry and it will be posted off today (though I know a little bit late - but it was late getting to me.)
My favourite part is actually my wicked witch page. I found the witch picture on Google Images and printed it on Safmat. If you've never used Safmat, buy some right now and try it - I love it. It basically is a transparent sticker material (Self adhesive printing film to be correct). It comes in A4 sheets which you can print onto with your inkjet or laser printer.

You can buy it here!

I laid down stickers spelling 'witch' then painted the background in green, with an almost dry brush effect at the edges. I then cut round my witch's face, peeled off the backing sheet and stuck her over the green which then showed through the sticker to give her a greenish complexion - lovely!

The right hand page is another picture from Google images, this time, the cover of a Brothers Grimm fairytale book which I stretched to fit the 8"x 8" page - again it's printed on Safmat and this time the brown cardstock shows through.

I'm off down to London today and will be taking some drawing to do on the train - if I'm able to I'll photograph and upload it tonight or tomorrow.

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