Monday, 5 July 2010

Do something 1

So, for the first day of my 'Do something creative every day' I have created...

...aching muscles!!

...and a new front garden.

I don't have pictures of the proper 'before' when this little plot was full of dead broom bushes, grass and other weeds. But after a lot of digging over the weekend, here's how it looked this morning...
A lot more digging and 'riddling' out the stones and lumps of clay and this is how the garden looked by mid afternoon...

I mixed a bag of compost through the freshly seived soil and added some fertilizer before planting it with some Salvias, French and English lavenders and mixed heathers. I now just need to finish it with some chipped bark or cocoa shells.
I did also create a lot of mess in the process and so I ended up taking 10 bags of stones, gravel and clay to the local tip! Now just to clean up the soil trail I created through the house!

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